TNC inc Leisure Services for Adults with Intellectual Disabilities Tel. 02 9671 7217
“The service is housed in a state of the arts building, specifically built for People with a Disability. Funded by donations and owned by Blacktown City Council. The Sargents Centre accommodates three other services. The Centre is open daily and visitors are welcome by appointment.”
Those wishing to use TNC Inc services must have primarily, a mild to moderate intellectual disability, live at home with their carers, and live in Blacktown LGA. TNC holds a disco once a month and everyone is welcome to attend. See newsletter for details.

TNC Inc. is a community based organisation promoting recreation and leisure opportunities for people with an Intellectual Disability living in the Blacktown LGA. The program is based at First Ave, Blacktown. Newsletters are published monthly for Members.


The Service arranges activities and holidays for members, that encourage integration using community facilities & transport when possible.
Activities are offered on weeknights and weekends and include Dinner with Friends, DVD & Pizza nights, BBQs and day trips.
Holidays are offered on weekends or a week long basis to various Australian and overseas destinations.





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